Flour tortilla recipe

I’m not a super chef or an amazing photographer, so I don’t usually blog about this sort of thing. But I have had SO many people ask me for my tortilla recipe, I thought I’d attempt to articulate my recipe, tips and tricks and post them here.

The recipe is pretty simple and straightforward:

3 c. flour
1 t. salt
1/3 c. oil
1 c. warm water

Mix flour and salt in a medium mixing bowl. Cut in oil with a fork. Slowly incorporate water, mixing with your hands until a soft dough forms. [You will probably NOT use the entire 1 c. of warm water. I usually use closer to 3/4 c.] If you have an electric stove, preheat pan to medium heat.

Form 2 inch balls of dough.


If you don’t have a tortilla press (I don’t), roll flat with a rolling pin.


Roll the dough as flat as you possibly can. Think it’s flat enough? Press harder. If you try for paper thin, you’ll probably end up with cardstock thin and it’ll be perfect.


Place tortilla in hot pan. When it bubbles, like this-


Flip.  Cook second side until brown spots form.


Tada! Warm, wonderful, homemade tortillas. Ready for whatever you want to use them for. My kids usually just eat them plain. They are THAT good.



1. Do I have to flour the counter or grease my pan? No and no. If your dough is right, it will stretch and not stick. It’s awesome stuff.

2. Can I stack my rolled tortillas before they are cooked? Yes! I just discovered this recently. So, you can roll as you go or roll ahead.

3. How many does it make? Approximately fourteen 10″ tortillas

4. How do I make my tortillas round? Mine are never round, so I can’t help you there. Maybe a tortilla press would help. But, personally, I like to play the “My tortilla looks like a____” game.

5. Can I save them for later? Absolutely! Store in a gallon Ziploc bag in the fridge. Mine have never lasted long enough to go bad, so I don’t know exactly how long they will keep. Just make sure your bag is airtight or the tortillas will dry out.

6. Can I stack them before they are cooled? Yes, I take finished tortillas directly from the pan to my cooling plate where they all sit in a pile until they are cool enough to go in the storage bag.

23 thoughts on “Flour tortilla recipe

  1. Manuel says:

    what kind of flour?
    1 Unbleached flour
    2 Bleached flour
    3 Plain flour
    4 Self-rising flour
    does corn flour works as well?

  2. Maria M. says:

    Ooh! This looks amazing! Guess what’s on the menu tomorrow?! 🙂

  3. chendriksen says:

    They look great! I’ll have to give them a try tomorrow night.

  4. Somebody says:

    Can they be rolled? Mine always break in half when i try

  5. Alex says:

    That looks very simple, thanks for the idea. Storage might be a factor, from my experience shelf life of bread without preservatives is 2-3 days before it becomes stale, unless frozen.

  6. Babs Fabs says:

    Hi: Great recipe, thanks. Do you put anything between the layers when you stack them either before cooking or for freezing?

  7. […] Flour tortilla recipe | A Work in Progress. […]

  8. bo says:

    What kind of oil?

  9. […] 3. Make my own tortillas (another first). I want to do this because I eat a lot of tortillas, I’m into trying new things, and simply, I just want to see if I can do it. Maybe I could use the almond meal “pulp” left over from almond milk making today? Hmm…well, here’s a recipe that seems to be in line with what I’m thinking…https://kbmillers.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/169/ […]

  10. […] to make Pan-Fried Falafel for lunch instead of the pesto, so that will be dinner, accompanied by homemade tortillas , crockpot refried beans, and a salad. The kids will likely hate it at first, but I don’t […]

  11. Lizbet says:

    I found that if I let the dough rest a bit instead of kneading it out immediately the dough was a lot softer. I’m really new to working with dough, so I might just stating the obvious.

  12. nillabop says:

    I want to know where you live so I can go to your house and hug you. I’m a very well meaning but pretty inept cook, and even I couldn’t screw these up! Grilled some chicken, cut up an avocado, sliced some tomatoes and from the garden and voila! dinner!

  13. Mary says:

    I’ve tried these many times and they’re so good. They don’t taste that good after 4 days so only make what u need. Don’t use self-rising flour don’t come out good

  14. Brit says:

    Just tried them- insanely delicious! Question- how do you make them more pliable? They ended up being a little too flaky to properly wrap around taco filling…

    • Did you stack them when they were cooling? If I don’t stack them, they are too brittle to wrap, but stacking them keeps just the right amount of moisture trapped to make them perfectly pliable. If you DID stack them and they were still too flaky, perhaps your ingredients need to be adjusted a bit or you could try leaving them a bit thicker.

  15. Vivian says:

    Just made it.. now waiting for one to be done…waiting….
    done.. now to add beans cheese and cream…..OOO oooOOO !!!!! They came out GREAT!!! I made some before with a different recipe and did not come out all that great. Thank You for sharing. I saw this one Pinterest. and thought i give it a try since im making mexican food without tortillas. YUMMY!!

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