*If you haven’t read my note to ALL the moms yet, please read it first.*

(Eyes on your own list, working moms)

I get to be a part of every moment of my kids’ growth and learning.

I know what my kids are exposed to all day long

I get to mold their minds and shape their hearts

I get cuddles and kisses all day long

I set the schedule and make the rules

I can adjust my schedule to help a friend.

I can make healthy choices because I don’t have to rush around to eat

I can take care of laundry, cook healthy meals, and clean my house during the day

Play dates allow me to hang out with my friends too

I can usually count on some quiet time during the day to pursue my own interests

I love that I am with them for the best, happiest parts of their day and the “lightbulb” moments of discovery

No dress code (this particular SAHM is wearing her pjs at 2pm)

When my kids are sick, I can cuddle them.

I am a mom and I get to love and care for my children

Please add to the list! Post a comment with more beautiful, wonderful things about staying home full time with your kiddos.

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