Chasing Ice Queens

I’ve been thinking about Frozen a lot lately. Have you? If not, you will be on Friday. Rumor has it there will be tons of tiny trick-or-treating Elsas and Annas wandering the streets.

In preparation for the big event, let’s take a look at these famous sisters of Arendelle…

7a6de96e4c16c10e08ef9838549eb76aFirst, there’s Anna….she’s silly, friendly, outgoing, clumsy, wakes up with drool and bedhead, but cleans up pretty nice. She can be starry eyed and a bit naive, but throughout the movie, she is strong, independent, fearless, and fiercely loyal to the people she loves.elsa-frozen-cartoon-mobile-wallpaper-1080x1920-3466-1296291838

Then, there’s Elsa…. for most of the movie she is reserved, consumed by fear and insecurities,  and spends years of her life being cold and standoffish.  Even after she finally lets it go in her over-youtubed transformation, she still remains the epitome of unapproachable. I mean, c’mon now… She builds herself a giant castle made of ice on a remote mountain and scares people away with shooting icicle daggers and snow monster body guards.

Elsa is cold; Anna is warm.

And the little girls of America have made their choice. If you poll a room of 60 girls under the age of 12, all but 4 of them will say they prefer Elsa over Anna (True statistic. My husband did this a couple weeks ago.)

But, I bet the moms of America would choose differently.

Which leaves me wondering why?

Why are little girls as young as 2 drawn to an Ice Queen?

Is it the beauty? Because “girls love beautiful things? ”

Elsa is definitely beautiful and far sexier than Anna. Anna is cute. And pretty. But, Elsa? The Elsa we all know and love is gorgeous….

Okay. I get that. I have a sparkle-loving child of my own. Elsa has a prettier dress. Points for Elsa.

But I wonder how long my daughter will be blinded by sparkly things.

Many girls don’t seem to grow out of it.

Will she think prettier is better when she enters middle school and the popular girls are the ones with the with perfect smiles and bitchy attitudes? Will she try to be like them? Will the pursuit of pretty cause her to ignore her quirky Anna-friend in pursuit of an Ice Queen?

Will she think prettier is better when she enters high school and the boys pay attention to the girls in the skimpiest clothing? Will she buy the lie that the worth of a woman can be measured by her sex appeal? Will she give away pieces of herself in an attempt to be viewed as sexy and attractive?

I hope not.

I hope my daughter becomes wise beyond her years and peers, so she can see true beauty in herself and others. I want her to see that beauty isn’t about sparkles and skin and flowing hair. True beauty in a girl is strength and boldness, and being comfortable in her own skin. True beauty is kindness and compassion. It is sacrificial love.

True beauty looks a whole lot more like Anna.

So go ahead and let your little girl belt out Let It Go for the 356,473,014th time. Or go ahead and play that drinking game when a bunch of Elsas come trick-or-treating. But at some point, let’s try to steer our girls away from their ice queen obsession before it affects their heads… or worse yet, their hearts.

“The heart is not so easily changed, but the head can be persuaded.” -Grand Pabbie (Frozen)

4 thoughts on “Chasing Ice Queens

  1. Emma Duncan says:

    Gah! It’s terrifying! We want so much for our girls to be strong and warm and loving and friendly, I guess we just have to model all that stuff at home and praise it when we see it in others.

  2. susanspets says:

    Thanks for writing this. You are a true Anna!

  3. Jesse Light says:

    I think there is a lot of appeal in “powers”- as in, freezing the entire country. Anna is just a regular old princess. My daughter will be one of the (I’m sure many, many) Elsas roaming the streets Friday night, but I definitely prefer Anna’s personality. -Rachel

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